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All the income generated, goes towards the events itself


ATMAN festival is not just a party: we want to leave a sign and to use our power and energy to make a dream reality.
What we intend to create through our project is a common social space with the purpose of promote art, culture and the respect of the environment.
In a really soon future we will be able to build a self sustainable cultural village, founded on the sharing of knowledge and the exchange between different cultures.

The whole project will be based on the respect of the local cultures and population, on the relationship of reciprocity that we are already establishing with them, on the support of the local products and on the creation of an environmentalist conscience, in order to protect the amazing nature that, year after year, is hosting our festival.

We want our vision to join the local communities needs and to work together and cooperate in order to be able to learn from each other and to propose a useful project that will be accept and understood by both parts.
During each event we encourage the usage of only local, organic and natural products and the recycling of wastes. We decided to build the structures and the decorations of the Festival using mostly materials that we naturally find in the location of the party, in order to respect the environment and not to pollute the breathtaking srilankan nature. We fully support and promote small srilankan family enterprise, the farmers market and handcrafted artisanal products.

Who we are

ATMAN is a sanscrit word that means the breath of life that manifests itself under the form of light. We chose this term as the name of our tribe because our aim is to create and spread a conscious way to interact and live with each other and to use our power to develop a different and sustainable way to change what the system in which we live impose us.

ATMAN Tribe is an international collective of travelling people coming from every corner of our planet that work and cooperate together to make this ideal reality. And we decided to do it trough the healing power of music. Music will be the means to reach our purpose and the driving force to realize our project. So, in 2011, we started to organize ATMAN Festival as the realization of our conception of life and of living together.

ATMAN Festival is a no-profit event. All the income are used to finance the event and the projects connected with it. The Festival reflect our way to integrate our desires of develop music, art and culture and to realize a communitarian and spiritual way of sharing our energies, all in reverence and respect of our Mother Earth. We chose the heavenly island of Sri Lanka as the perfect scenery for our project, with its uncontaminated nature, its incredible fauna and its deep spiritual culture.

Thanks to the joint effort and the explosive creative minds of the people of our tribe, in this past years, was possible to realize the ATMAN gatherings and to provide the basis for our future plans.
Atman Tribe


It is our intention to create a social space where we can organise art and music workshops, for both children and adults, along with cultural meetings, and permaculture workshops.
It’s going to be an area of intercultural exchange, where it will be possible to propose and suggest other kinds of workshops as well.
We are open to all kinds of collaborations!
We want to encourage the birth and the development of conscious tourism within the island of Sri Lanka because, in the last few years, it is living e real touristic boom, and more people are coming to discover this amazing country. This is the reason why it’s now important to pay special attention to how this will all develop.
First of all we want to promote respect for this land, and at the same time, together, we would like to create the base for an intelligent growth of structures and facilities for tourism.

Up until now it hasn’t been easy to find the right place where we could begin this project, but we are working on it and we hope the 2017 edition’s location will be the perfect place to build our dream.
Collaboration with the locals on location has already begun, and the money they will need to build an artificial water spring, has also already been allocated.
Installation of an ozone water treatment plant is also part of the project.

These are some of the things that we have done already, and some of the initiatives we have taken in the past.

Since the first editions of Atman Festival we‘ve tried our best to move forward according to our ideals and plans.
Even though our space is still under construction, we have begun to give our small contribution.
Last year we started an extensive collaboration with the NGO “Stop Staring Start Caring” (SSSC).
The organization’s main mission is to help and assist young girls and children which have been rape victims, who are born with disabilities and that have suffered different kinds of abuses.

Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka, people from small villages still think that this kind of situation comes from the victim’s bad karma bringing to life a series of unfair events from which it is really hard to escape.
SSSC works to help the victims by providing adequate care, a safe place to stay, and basic amenities.
SSSC also has begun a project to build sustainable houses and functional structures to provide platforms for education and care, so that these children can have the healthy and peaceful childhood they need and deserve.

After the last edition, Atman Tribe donated all the materials used to build the festival to the SSSC’s cause.

Atman Tribe proudly announces the continuation of the relationship between ATMAN and SSSC, and to some initiatives happening during the next edition of our festival that will keep helping to sustain the NGO’s projects.

First of all, 5€ of the price of every entrance ticket will be entirely devolved to SSSC, in order to continue to build the children's shelter which started in 2106.
An assortment of raw organic food prepared by members of SSSC will be sold during the 2017 edition, and all the proceeds will go to the organisation.

Also , like every year we will also be organizing the ATMAN after party where it will be possible to taste and buy some of the delicious food. Not only, but all of the income of this party will go to the SSSC. During both the Festival and the after party there will be chances to make individual donations to the NGO. The last, but not less important project that we support, is the children sponsorship: with just 20€ we can help a mother take care of her child. The entire amount will go directly to the family, without profit for the organization.
To participate in this initiative, or simply find more information, click on this link

Atman Tribe has also decide to reduce the price of the ticket for people coming from countries that are facing particular problems. Last year we chose Nepal.
For the 2017 edition we chose Greece, as it is facing significant economic problems at this time.
The price of the ticket for all Greek passport holders will be…………...

If you would like to join us and to be part of our project, you can suggest and propose any idea that will help us to enhance it.
Also, if you wish to give us a hand, we will be happy to receive volunteers during the 2017 Atman Festival.

Already, we are very enthusiastic about the next edition of AtmanFestival and we will definitely do our best to make it another unforgettable experience!!

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