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Atman Tribe

How it became real

The Atman Tribe project was conceived in 2010, high up in the Himalayan Mountains, within the collective minds of a brother-sister duo: Andy (Mad Hatter) and Elena (Mia Boom), along with the Lankan tribes. Their main aim: to collaborate diverse electronic sounds and the musical cultures that came with them.

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11 October 2011, the first party was merely an Atman Warm Up for what was in store for them- located in Sri Lanka’s Arugam Bay. Andy collaborated with DJ Marek, and local acts of Sri Lanka such as Yazz and Mambos. The event grew continuously, building further connections, in the form of the next event-the Atman New Year 2012 edition. With a larger audience, 2012 witnessed new collaborations. Records labels and projects such as Biomechanikal Records (DJ Drope, CTC, Aztec Dosage), Nutria Dance Records (DJ Lova, Virtuanoise) and Abduki (Thnamo Project) came together with the tribe.

February 2012,welcomed the second edition- the Arugam Bay party titled ‘Frequency Surfer’, adding another core member to the Atman team, Dr Buzz. The end and beginning of the South American Mayan calendar’s; new cycle (21 December 2012) marked the birth of the first festival in Sri Lanka “MUKTI “, and the formation of Atman Tribe: An inspired international collective of people, event organisers, promoters, DJs, artists, performers and volunteers. By then, The Atman Tribe consists of Mad Hatter, Mia Boom, Dr Buzz, Aztec Dosage, Simiantics, Free, Radice, Hentai Camera, Kykeon, BaBee, Lupino, Hasyt, Jenny Boom, Anna, Alex, Ari, Madura, Kamal, Roman, Guaiedra, Cecilia, Alessandro, Pilar, Pampa, Mirko, Fabio, Flavio, Paolino, Nirmal, Dayana, Miriam, Ransiri, Fausto & Grazia.

The tribe continued to pioneer and help evolve the electronic music movement in Sri Lanka by throwing smaller events throughout Lanka in search of common sensibilities, ideal locations, and fine-tuning the logistics for future events. This was done with a supportive network of local collaborators, and their respected communities. These experience increased cultural awareness andexpansion of ideas by exchanging ideologies, throughmusical events with the supreme belief of being connected to mother nature in all her diverse forms. January 2014 saw the successful first edition of the “Atman Tribe Gatherings” grow into the Atman-Festival, which took place at Rekawa-the southern most tip of Sri Lanka. We grew into what followed: With swift accomplishments and growth, our tribal connections grew and brought us all together, through endless dedication, support and ever-growing collaborations.

20 January 2015 the Tribe united once again, into the 2nd edition of Atman Festival, celebrated at the epic location of an island eco-resort in Buttala. At the mouth of the holy river-Manik Ganga or Manika Gangai (River of Gems), a place of ablution where a sacred bath is taken to purify oneself. This year, we saw the Atman Tribe grower larger, with additional members such visionary Artist Aghori Giriaka Yuri, Joan aka Dj Sick, Alessio, Ado, Chandy, Micro, Kamal, Dehan, Jana & Uan, along with more record labelsmeeting and forming collaboration with us. People from all over the world, gathered to this mythical call of sound frequencies, forming the Atman tribe as ONE whole, as we know it today.